You have several things to decide before you even start your timeline. 

1) Choose your recipient organization. 

2) Choose your people to help you before, during and after the event.

3) Arrange your venue for your event, if you don't have a space already.

4) Set a date, preferably 6 months out. This allows plenty of time for stress free planning.

Recipient organization

Here are our guiding principals for choosing recipients to be recipients of your Salute Non-Violence event.

Centers must serve all populations without discrimination, or they may specialize in serving under-served communities. This is easy to determine by the language used on their website. Here is a site where you can start your search for a local center or shelter. 

To create ease for donors, it is best for your recipient organization to have a website capable of taking donations specifically for your event. To maximize connection of participants and donors, your recipient organization's Salute Non-Violent donation page should have the ability to sponsor individual participants. Hope Works has an example here. 


This is where delegation and clear communication comes in handy. While some people can certainly take on more than one role, dividing up the work makes the load lighter. Recommended roles: 
Main Organizer - Head of communication, recipient and Salute Non-Violence liaison, keeps everyone on task, and oversees the timeline. This is a great position for someone who loves check lists or spreadsheets, and who has enthusiasm. Airtable is on online platform that even offers a free Non-Profit Gala Organizing timeline, if you don't have your own system.
Creation & Promotion - Your person who creates promotional material (inspired by those on this site), shares the event online, creates fliers, creates announcements etc. We provide a lot of that material here in our download guide. This person also keeps promotion on timeline.
Raffle Organizer - Person who emails and calls local businesses to request donations, organizes raffle table, raffle tickets and collecting money. 
Event Day Host and Assistants - Your event day may need set up. These people must be familiar with the activity you are doing. If you are counting laps, or repetitions, remember that a click-counter can come in handy. If you are calling out moves or announcements, this person is in charge of printing those out, and delegating who is doing the announcing or emceeing.
Recipient Organization Event Co-hosts - Your recipient organization has been collecting donations online, while in person you and your team have been doing the same. Have your recipient organization have one or two people take part in your event by checking in participants and helping you with the computing of your day's success! This creates transparency in where the money is going, and leaves you and your team to see to your participating guests' needs.   


If you are holding your event with a studio or school, etc you already have the natural venue on hand. This is the easiest solution as you already have face to face time with people who will donate and participate, as well as space to set up your raffle table. As you already do your activity of choice here, you also have any needed equipment.
This means your exercise studio, martial arts school, running club, school gym, scout meeting place or other venue is easy to organize these sorts of events at.
If not, it may take some time find a space that is free or very inexpensive. Many community spaces, studios and local schools have avenues for using their space. Other options include finding a restaurant that has a party space and will donate a portion of the proceeds to your cause. Places like HomeSlyce have this already built into their restaurant program with DoughRaisers. You can also approach your favorite restaurant, to see if they will support the cause.    

Set a Date

This part is easy. Be sure to avoid major holidays and allow plenty of time for organizing.