To raise awareness and support for the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing guidance and materials to organizations wishing to raise funding for important programs. We work with all groups and organizations who believe in encouraging non-violence, compassionate action, and service to those in need.

Our Mission

How it Works

Groups gather together and participate in an activity of their choice. Yogis might do 108 Sun Salutations (or as many as they can), swimmers might to 108 laps, there could be a baking competition, or just a fundraiser at a local restaurant that helps these sorts of events. HomeSlyce has an example here.

The participants are sponsored by family, friends, community members and students. The money raised will benefit the public domestic violence shelter in the county in which they live.

Local businesses can donate gift baskets, items, or gift certificates for raffle. Individuals can do the same, with higher dollar items offered in silent auctions. T-shirts with the event logo may also be available for sale. All raffle ticket sales and t-shirt proceeds go directly to the same local domestic violence shelter.

Current volunteer staff of Salute Non-Violence is Samira Shuruk. Editing work kindly and patiently donated by Team Jen(n); Jenn Culler and Jen Johnson.

Yoga Salutes Non-Violence has been lovingly continued as an event at The Yoga Center of Columbia with the gracious organization of Linda Stevens and backing of Kathy Donnelly. 


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Cheryl Catranbone

In memory of this vibrant woman who lived a life of purpose and passion. From early on, Cheryl knew there was more to life than what we see on the surface.
Starting her yoga journey in 1993, Cheryl studied with enthusiasm and embraced yoga of many traditions and lineages. Via yoga she also discovered the concept of Kula (community of the heart or family of choice) as she stepped into a family and settled into her own heart.
Cheryl found further peace and beauty in Buddhism, and practiced regularly with The Still Water Mindfulness Community. With Cheryl's practices of peace and love, she decided to serve the greater community and created Yoga Salutes Non-Violence whose original mission statement read: To raise awareness and support for the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through the practice of yoga, which at it's core is a practice that encourages non-violence, compassionate action and service to those in need.

It is in her loving memory that we continue her work.